Quality is paramount in every aspect of our design and construction. 


The neck flex head harness

The Neck Flex head harness utilizes a Patent Pending design which is constructed with the highest grade materials available. Our master seamstress carefully combines the heavy duty nylon webbing, neoprene padding, welded D-rings, and various other components to orchestrate a fully adjustable and ultra durable head harness which is peerless in both construction and quality. All of this in combination with the resistance training model sets the standard for a truly effective workout.

FULL YEAR warranty - neck flex has got you covered* 


Bodylastics resistance band & door anchor

Every Neck Flex package comes standard with the 19 lb. Bodylastics resistance band and door anchor. Bodylastics are highly regarded for their incredibe quality and innovative designs.

The Bodylastics black elastic resistance band creates up to 38 lbs. of tension (19 lbs. one side or 38 lbs. when doubled over). Great for both heavy resistance training and light training. Patented and patent pending anti-snap technology. 

Composed of: Heavy duty large aluminum carabiner clips for easy attaching and detaching • Super smooth premium quality dipped Malaysian latex • 4 feet long to accommodate people of all heights • Super durable woven nylon and grommet attachment system.

The Bodylastics heavy duty door anchor enables Bodylastics elastics to be safely attached to almost any door. It is designed to be gentle on the door and gentle on the elastics.

Composed of: Heavy duty nylon inner core • Dense neoprene foam outer core • Super durable woven nylon with soft inner neoprene lining.

lifetime warranty - bodylastics has got you covered*

Please feel free to explore the entire Bodylastics line of products at http://www.bodylastics.com/

*One Year Warranty covers all equipment damages or deficiencies under normal working conditions. Standard operating protocol includes using the Neck Flex Harness and Bodylastics Resistance Bands.