why did we create the neck flex? 

We saw a need and we acted

The co-founders of the Neck Flex both had varying backgrounds in fitness when coming together with the ideals which supported the need for a new and innovative approach to neck training and development.

There was an obvious need for attention to be drawn towards athletes and the importance of neck strength in order to ideally prevent neck and head injuries. The more research that was conducted, the more it became apparent how vital neck strength truly was in preventing these common neck and head injuries that often occur within the field of contact sports and also within the military.

As all this research came flooding in, it was then and there that it was decided to create the most effective and versatile neck training device. Everybody is mostly familiar with the standard methods of neck training, such as plate loading with chained head harnesses, machine based neck stations, bridging, and also isometrics. So based off the those standard methods, a design was orchestrated that could not only provide a limitless range of motion and resistance, but also provide a very high level of safety in which virtually any gender, age, or background could easily use the product.

After a couple years of testing and development the Neck Flex was finally ready for action. Every step was taken to ensure that the Neck Flex was of the highest quality and a step above all others that have come before.

The ultimate goal of Neck Flex is to promote and provide the means in which to effectively and efficiently train the neck for everyone from contact sports, military members, youth sports, fitness enthusiasts, and also to those just looking to simply firm or tone their necks.

Whatever your training goal is... Neck Flex has got you covered.   


Welcome to the Next Level.