neck protection for athletic applications


The vital importance of neck strength

From contact sports to combat troops it has become more and more apparent as to the vital role in which neck strength and conditioning ultimately plays when it comes to performance and overall safety. This neck is an area which is often overlooked during training, but it is absolutely one of the most key components when it boils down to not only safety but also in terms of performance.

Neck and head injuries are a very real and serious threat to any contact related sport or profession. Concussions and head trauma can end careers early and often leave athletes with permanent damage long after the game has ended. This is something that must be taken seriously by both athletes and coaches or trainers alike.

This is how the Neck Flex essentially took form, because we saw a very real need in an area of training which isn't highly promoted but is absolutely vital. After reviewing numerous common training models for neck applications regarding strength and conditioning, we determined that there has to be a safer, more effective, and more versatile way to train the neck for real world conditions. This includes all the common front to back and side to side movements, but the Neck Flex is also able to perform a virtual endless range of motion in which strengthens the neck in ways that are simply not available in a safe format, nor are available with standard harnesses or plate loaded machines.

"The Dawn Comstock study shows a direct correlation between a stronger neck and a reduced chance for concussion. Consequently, the Neck Flex is becoming increasingly popular with all levels of sports programs as coaches implement neck circuit training with their regular strength and conditioning program. Moreover, the medical and chiropractic community immediately picked it up, finding it extremely effective for rehab situations as well. That’s because of the Patent Pending design, which allows for greater range of movement and exercise variety over the traditional head harness."

The versatile nature of the design in which the Neck Flex is based upon allows the user to go as "heavy" as they would like, but it also can easily be adjusted to suit lighter conditioning for more complex movements which don't require as much resistance. For more information regarding the Patented and Patent Pending components utilized within the Neck Flex package then please review the information found by clicking here.  

Safety, versatility, and overall effective design are all paramount within our structure. So whatever your sport, profession, or training objective may be... Neck Flex has got you covered.

Please review all the information within our website to get a full understanding of our commitment to superior neck training and the unparalleled design and construction of our training equipment. 

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