Versatility to transcend desired objectives. 


Toning and rehabilitation

So you're not looking to build a tree trunk for a neck? Perhaps you'd like to tone your neck for a sleek look or simply safely condition your neck after an injury. That is the beauty of the Neck Flex because it was designed to ensure paramount safety and versatility. While it is used for professional and world champion athletes, it is also equally effective for those seeking a less intensive form of training; this is what separates the Neck Flex from anything else on the market.

When dealing with neck pain the pain mechanisms of the neck are a result of diminished blood circulation caused by tensed muscles that irritate nerve endings. This coupled with awkward and incorrect postures (usually while sitting in front of the computer) only aggravates this dilemma for most people causing the muscles to tighten. The Neck Flex is a new generation patent pending head harness that utilizes resistance bands to stretch and increase and increase blood flow to all sides of the neck.

The versatile nature of the Neck Flex also lends extremely well to those who simply wish to tone the neck for a sleek appearance by firming and lightly conditioning the neck and jaw muscles. Toning and conditioning the muscles of the neck and jaw will greatly aid in attaining that sleek look for which you desire.

There are a vast amount of applications in which the Neck Flex is suited for, this ranges from the needs of professional athletes, those with neck pain or injury, and also those looking to tone and lightly condition the neck muscles. These are all areas in which the Neck Flex is truly effective.

No matter what your need or goals regarding neck training, we are confident that the Neck Flex is truly the safest, most effective, and highest quality neck training product on the market today.

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