Neck Flex is proud to provide support to the professional athletes of

Neck Flex is proud to support to the professional athletes of these organizations

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The Neck Flex is a revolutionary patented head harness and training system that is changing the face of neck training as we know it. The Neck Flex utilizes a ground breaking design model which promotes the most versatile, effective, and safest means possible in which to train your neck. Neck Flex is a true game changer in every sense.

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The MMB Pro was created in collaboration with Mr. Mike Bruce. We built upon the same Patented Neck Flex platform to develop a harness which accommodates both plate loading and resistance band applications. The MMB Pro breaks the mold, a game changer. If you're serious about training, then step forward.

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This is the Patented Harness that started it all, our original vision. Simple in design, but unmatched in versatility and effectiveness. This harness was intentionally built above and beyond the industry standard to ensure unparalleled quality and durability. No matter what your goal, Neck Flex has got you covered.  

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Our vision stems from the ideal that the neck is so often overlooked when training, yet the importance of neck training is so incredibly vital in terms of not only performance but also within the realm of injury prevention. Thus we set forth to raise the awareness of safety among the various athletic disciplines.

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TRAINING Applications

While it might seem that neck training would only apply to serious athletes, in actuality the versatile design of Neck Flex allows it to be utilized by not only those within contact sports, but it serves as an ideal resource for those simply looking to tone, firm, or build their necks for aesthetics.

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