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mike "the machine" bruce

The Neck Flex organization goes to extreme measures to ensure that we supply the finest head harness available on the global market. The very same attention to detail can be said about our approach to our sponsored athletes. The team at Neck Flex is very proud to sponsor Mike Bruce, who is not only a professional strongman and world record holder, but also a man of great honor, integrity, and service to others. Mike Bruce is very definition strength both in and outside the gym.

Below you will find a brief biography of Mr. Bruce.

Mike “The Machine” Bruce

Professional performing Strongman and Motivational Speaker.

USMC Honor Graduate Parris Island SC

Mike is well known across the world for some of his amazing strength feats. Some of these feats include a 1,500lb partial rack pull @ 202lb bodyweight, a seated 300lb Neck raise, Sit-ups with 400lb on his chest for reps, allowing a 5/8 piece of 4ft steel bar to be bent across the front of his throat and even performing the very dangerous Hangman’s Noose where Mike hung himself with a noose to demonstrate his insane neck strength.

While these feats of strength have garnered Mike the aptly titled nickname “The Machine” he is also recognized for his character. Many in the industry site The Machine as a gentleman who always strives to help others while maintaining the highest form of humility.

A former United States Marine himself, The Machine still adheres to the Honor, Commitment and Courage he learned long ago in the Corps and practices these principles in his daily life.

Some of his other accomplishments include:

*2x New England grappling Champion

*Ct State Judo Champion

*VA Beach State Shootfighting Champion (Pro)

*East Coast Shootfighting Champion (amateur)

*Western MA Submission Wrestling Champion (Pro)

*Sampalis Kickboxing Champion (amateur)

*Gilletts Mixed Martial Arts Full Instructor 2005

Mike has performed in front of thousands nationwide speaking on the importance of staying drug free and the benefits of adding Physical Culture to your daily life. In his free time he has authored various eBook’s as well as filming his DVD’s that sell worldwide.

Mike "The Machine" Bruce's Products



Mike Bruce tells you how he built his 20" neck at a body weight of 202 pounds while maintaining a life-time drug-free status. Mike masterfully guides you with his personal story, how he trains his neck and why. This is a must for those serious about neck training.

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Mike will reach out to you and collect your information in a 30 minute consultation. Then develop a neck training program which is personally customized for you. Take your training program to the next level.

Mike Bruce will contact you within 24 hours of ordering. ~ $99.95

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